Which TIME Is It?
The April 28, 2014, issue.
Yeah, you’ll to need to sign in and/or up to read Lev Grossman’s take on the show in TIME (this week’s third major article on the series, all leading up to Monday’s season six premiere), but it’s worth it, and not just for Pen’s artwork, above. From "Adventure Time’s Moving Pictures,"

… for a show set in a magic postapocalyptic world, Adventure Time is fiercely committed to its own brand of realism. It has a lot of internal integrity. The fart jokes aren’t there because they’re funny–or not just because they’re funny–they’re there because real people fart a lot too. “We don’t have a ton of cartoon logic,” says Adam Muto, a co–executive producer of the show. “There was a thing where if anyone lifted something from offscreen, Pen would flag it and say, No, they need to be carrying that the entire time. Because why would they just pull it from offscreen?”

Go here to get to the entire piece. Of course, you can always buy the magazine - the one printed on paper - too.
Thanks, Lev.
"It’s Adventure Time" by Maria Bustillos
"Castle in the Air" by Emily Nussbaum


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